Dear Customers,

before introducing you to our catalogue, we wish to remember, once again, that WE DO NOT SELL OUR PRODUCTS TO PRIVATE PERSONS but only to companies or owners of VAT number (EU countries).
We'll email the price list to all the companies who send us, duly filled, the FORM provided for this purpose. The price list will be sent as soon as your data have been processed.

We also wish to draw your attention to our sales policies here below which can also reply to the most common F.A.Q. Please carefully check them before going beyond.

At the end of this page you can find a link to our catalogue.

Thank you for your interest and have a good day !



Our company's aim is to supply our customer with good quality products, on-time deliveries and with very good prices. To achieve our end we have cut our costs and kept our profit within a very reasonable limit as well as standardized our operational procedures. We can therefore take into account only those orders which fully comply with our proceedings. Please look over the following points and take them into consideration when issuing your orders.

Catalogues and price list

Our products are sold only to wholesaler, resellers and in any case to companies in possession of VAT number (this is valid for EU). For this purpose we have foreseen a special form to verify that the applicants have the necessary qualifications. Some fields of the form are required to be filled to enable the sending of the form itself. Enquiries with not valid replies will not be taken into consideration. As soon as your info have been processed we'll send you by email the complete price list of all the products shown in this site. Please note that all the prices are in Euro and do not include VAT.

Shipment of samples

We warmly suggest our customers to always ask for the supply of samples of items they are interested in. This will allow to verify that a particular bag matches your requirements. We can provide the samples shipment by our express shippers but we can also ship by any courier required by the customers. In case you have a special agreement with any courier please inform us about its name and your code so that the goods will be immediately shipped through your preferred courier. Otherwise we'll inform you, upon the receipt of the sample request, about the amount of the goods and the shipping expenses. Samples will be sent at latest within a week from receipt of the amount as above. Please be informed that the total amount (as above) of any shipping of sample(s) will be charged of the amount of 3,00 Euro to cover our costs for the shipment packing and managing.


  • Payments
  • As far as payment is concerned we have as sole payment method the advance payment. This kind of payment is actually an advantage for our customers too: we can save time (and then money) for the handling of our customers accounts and bank formalities and, moreover, we do not have the usual percentage of losses for customers' insolvency. These advantages are transferred on our sale prices which, at the end, can be cheaper.
    Upon the receipt of your order we'll confirm you the amount to be paid and how you can pay. The goods ready will be shipped as soon as your payment is received, those to be prepared are usually shipped within one week - 10 days.

    • Shipments

    Our bags prices are for goods delivered free our warehouse of Florence (central Italy). We suggest our customers to take care of the shipments instructing a shipper who can enjoy their confidence to collect the goods at our warehouse and take care of the shipment up to final destination. Otherwise we can provide with one of our reliable shippers. In this case we'll inform our customers about the shipping costs which are to be added to the goods amount.

    • Quantities

    Description of any purse in our catalogue/price list shows also the minimum number of pieces of each  item required for an order. For lower quantities please ask.

    Supplying continuity

    Our bags are goods belonging to the fashion field and therefore subject to season factors as well as to be modified, improved, replaced with some other which can better meet market tendencies and requirements. Therefore we cannot guarantee that any article will be produced for a certain amount of time, although usually all the articles of the catalogue are available for the whole season.

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